Flea, Tick, Intestinal Parasite & Heartworm Prevention

Parasites are not just a nuisance.  Parasites are a danger not only to your pet but also to your family.

34% of dogs in the US are infected with intestinal parasites which is why, at Portsmouth Animal Hospital, we know it is important for your pet to be on parasite protection year-around.   Parasites can cause severe illness and even death.  At Portsmouth Animal Hospital, we will provide you with the most effective and cost efficient prevention and treatment for your pet.

The use of year-round heartworm and broad-spectrum parasite medications, as well as appropriate flea and/or tick products, is the foundation of an effective parasite control program for your pet.

Call us today at 757-465-5332 to make an appointment to have your pet tested for parasites. 

We will help you protect your pet and your family from these potentially harmful parasites all year long.

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